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Farm Frenzy – A game that became quite a rage


The beginning

Farm Frenzy refers to a series of games that can be downloaded on different gadgets. The version for PC was developed by Melesta and was published by Alawar Entertainment. The game came into being when the CEO of Melesta met with the vice president of Alawar Entertainment in 2007, where both parties expressed an interest in developing a game that would be dedicated to time management. The Android or Java version of this game was developed and published by HeroCraft.

This series of games focuses on point-and-click gameplay model, where the player has the power to manage the process of production on the farm.

What the game is all about

The basic goal of Farm Frenzy, as the name implies, is to operate a farm. You are required to manage all the tasks and chores that are part of farming. These include the likes of raising animals, processing the goods that they produce, and selling them to get cash. HotDogBush is another fun game you could try!

All the chores that have to be performed to raise the animals well have to be done by the player. This includes watering the grass so that the fodder for the animals can be prepared. For the purpose of watering the grass, there is a well present that has a limited capacity and if, during the course of the game, the water runs out, you will have to make use of the cash you earned to get it refilled.

The animals have to be bought too. As the animals start eating the grass, they start to drop goods, which the player then has to collect. The goods dropped would be in accordance to the animal bought. For instance, if it is a chicken that you bought, eggs will have to be collected. In the case of sheep, it is going to be wool and if it is cows that you brought, the product is going to be milk.

The products that you collect are to be stored in a warehouse, which once again has little capacity. Once the warehouse is filled, you have two options. You can either sell the items by making use of a truck for the purpose of transportation or turn the item into a more valuable product by making use of a processing facility. If you are fun of shooting games then Pixel Warfare 2 is a perfect game for you. Check out all the Hospital Games.

As you are playing the game, you will also have to battle predators that threaten to destroy or harm your farm, which could include bears. The player must act promptly if such an attack occurs and cage in the danger by clicking on them multiple times. Failure to do so would lead to the predator chucking all the animals out of the farm and destroying any produced goods.

It would be a good idea to avail the option of purchasing cats and dogs while playing Farm Frenzy. The cats will come handy in collecting the goods, while the dogs will prove to be of assistance in thwarting the predators and chasing them away.

In the next edition of Farm Frenzy, a new feature is introduced in which the player has the option of making use of an airplane to buy the items that cannot be manufactured on the farm and that could come in handy in the endeavor to produce more valuable items.

As you pass different levels of Farm Frenzy, you will face different challenges and different objectives will be set for you. For instance, on a certain level, you might be required to own a particular kind of animal in frequency. You could also be given the target of producing a specified number of goods. Attaining a set amount of cash could also be your objective.

The goals met are checked off and they remain checked off even if the animals are sold or the cash is used up. As mentioned before, Farm Frenzy is a time management game. Thus, every goal has to be completed in a certain time. Completing the levels in shorter time can lead to the player being awarded silver and gold awards.

After the completion of a level, the player is provided with stars that he can make use of to unlock upgrades. Once a certain upgrade has been unlocked, the player has the option of accessing it and purchasing it while playing the next level. The exception to this is cats and dogs. The upgrades of these animals make them more swift and intelligent.

Upgrades are in accordance with the items found on the farm. Some upgrades that can be used include the increase in capacity of the well and reduction in the cost of refilling it. One of the upgrades is that of automatic watering. Processing facilities can also be improved, which will allow processing of more than one good at a time. The Struck and plan can be made faster and can have more capacity. The warehouse can also be increased in size as a result of an upgrade.

The advancements


12 games in the series of Farm Frenzy have been introduced till date. Additional features have also been introduced now. In the third edition of the game, a new character is introduced, Scarlett, with a storyline where she sets out to help farmers all around the world.

The graphics of the game have been kept simple and true to their story. You will find the visuals to be interesting and lighthearted. The Diamond Stealing Game is another great choice for all the fans. Humor has been incorporated into the design to keep the audience's interest throughout the game.

It has been translated into a number of languages by Alawar Entertainment and has been extended to different platforms including the likes of Mac, iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

The PC version of the game was awarded the best casual game in 2008 in the Russian game developers' conference.

Currently, steps are being taken to develop the latest version of the game that is likely to be filled with a lot of features and differed themes.

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