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Farm Frenzy 2 – A step ahead


Where it all began

Farm Frenzy 2 is in the series of downloadable games introduced under the title of Farm Frenzy. Its origination and fame commenced when the CEO of Melesta met with vice president of Alawar Entertainment in 2007. Both parties showed a keen interest in developing a time game and thus began the development of Farm Frenzy. Owing to the popularity that it received, new editions were introduced with additional features. The game, which was initially designed for PC, was later extended to other platforms inducing Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and so on.

How to play the game

As the name makes it apparent, it is about running a farm. All the chores that you are required to do in order to run a farm smoothly will have to be performed here. Animals have to be raised and the goods they produce have to be collected and sold so that cash can be earned.

In order to raise animals, grass has to be prepared for their eating. This requires watering the grass. A well is present for the purpose, which has limited capacity. Once the well has dried up, you have to utilize the cash you earned in order to refill it.

Once the animals eat the grass, they start to drop goods. The goods are in line with the animals. If it is a cow, you are going to have milk and if it is a sheep, it is going to be wool. Similarly, if it is chickens, eggs will have to be collected. The goods have to be stored in a warehouse that has a limited storage space. Once it is filled, you can either sell the goods by using a truck for transportation or process them to make more valuable items.

There will also be the threat of predators such as bears that might attack your farm and destroy it. In order to prevent this, you will have to click on the attacker repeatedly to ensure it is caged in. You can also purchase cats and dogs to prevent the predator from causing you any harm. The cat swiftly collects the goods, while the dog chases the predator away. Each level presents you with new challenges and objectives.

The sequel

Alawar began working on Farm Frenzy 2 soon after the first installment of the game was released and was launched in 2008. A number of new animations for the players to discover (such as a pig) were introduced. However, other than some minor changes, the basic format of the game along with the visuals remained the same. This edition also introduced the feature of an airplane that the player can use to transport goods to the town or purchase items that the farm cannot produce.

In 2009, a kind of extended version of Farm Frenzy 2 was introduced, which was titled Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party. This allowed the players to make pizza by making use of the ingredients from the farm and transporting other ingredients from the city.

When a level of the game is completed, the player is awarded stars, which can be used to unlock upgrades. Every level sets up certain goals and objectives for you, which you are required to complete in a certain given time. If you accomplish the given goal in a short time, you are awarded silver and gold awards, depending on how well you fare. Parking Mania is another car parking game available for PC, Andoid and IOS!

The upgrades that you can gain access to differ, depending on the level crossed and the number of stars awarded. The upgrades can be animals that the player can purchase at any given time while playing the level. Cats and dogs can be upgraded to increase their speed and intelligence. The well can also be upgraded to increase its capacity or reduce the amount of cash required to refill it. Automatic watering is also available as an upgraded feature.

The visuals of the game have been kept colorful and bright. The animations are such that you will find it to be lighthearted and humorous, ensuring that you do not become bored.