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Farm Frenzy 3: The latest farm game that everyone has been talking about


Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age is the third installment to the farm management game that has become a world favorite very fast. Travel along the journey of the game with its star Scarlett as she gets a farm in the North Pole area and tries her best to make her farm a success! What you have to do is help her in creating tasty treats.

Small Look at the Story

The game is continued from the last installment with the story of its star Scarlett, the game that follows it, American Pie. On her journey to help all the farmers around the globe, Scarlett has made it to the North Pole and bought the farm from via ad in the newspaper. This is where I as the reviewer question the small logic that we need in the game. I mean who would buy a farm on the North Pole?!

Scarlett, being the brave girl she is stepped up to the challenge for making her arctic farm work. The farm isn’t in any sense normal though. If you’re looking for eggs and chicken, you’ve come to the wrong farm. However, you’ll find penguins, mammoths, seals and such creatures in this farm. As a game reviewer, the logic is plain stupid. But when it comes to that some of the best games like Angry Birds, there is no logic found as well so it’s okay.

Game Engine

The developers decided to keep the game engine for Farm Frenzy 3, the same as for the other Farm Frenzy games, which is why you won’t really find a lot of difference in the gameplay. But let’s just say this game would be way ‘cooler’ than the last one. The changes that you’ll find are obviously in the characters such as no wolves or anything like that but do keep your eyes open for angry polar bears. If you think you need to be in the medical industry then Doctor Games Website is a perfect place for you to check your skills virtually!

Game play

The gameplay initiates very naturally, with the process of farming from the other Farm Frenzy games looking the same in this sequel as well. You have to start with collecting eggs from penguins. There are two things that you can do with these eggs: The first is to tractor them off to some other town for cash and the next option would be to powder them, turn them into cookies and the rest of the process continues to be the same as the last two games. We would recommend you to just sell them out. For some recipes you would need ingredients helicoptered to you and that isn’t the brightest idea if you ask me.

The main focus of the game is for you to handle your farm as smartly as you can and completing the objectives of each level which consist of earning an amount and making the same amount of cakes example. The challenge of the level is to smartly manage the numerous operations on the farm with the statement issued that you have to use as little amount of machinery as you can possibly can. In addition you when you have to take care of the animals you can make sure you take care of them with your reflexes and you’ll move closer to your aim.

Going through the 90 levels in your game, you’ll have the ability to get credits that will enable you to buy better machinery for your farm, making sure that your farm is very efficient in all kinds of ways. Each star you get represents how well you do on each level.

Final Verdict

Our final verdict for the game is an 8/10. Starting off with the logic of the game, it really doesn’t provide you with much when it comes to logic but then again who looks for logic in storyline for such a small game? Exactly the point! So getting the best gameplay is the next best thing which it provides. It is easily the best game you’ll find after Farmville of course. The free game makes it even better for you to enjoy! Get it today and start playing.